Ketch v0.7.0 – Released

Ketch Release

We are pleased to announce today that we have released Ketch v0.7.0. Has been some time since we last released Ketch. Taking a look at the GitHub Changelog, logs of great items and fixes have gone into this version of Ketch. Here is the highlight reel on what the Ketch Contributors have been working on. 

Volume Management, Now in Ketch

Binding your applications to Persistent Volume Claims [PVCs] are now a first-class citizen inside of Ketch. Can leverage the Ketch CLI to create. 

ketch app deploy <app-name> -i <image> -k <framework-name> --volume <pvc-name> --volume-mount-path <volume-mount-path> --fs-group <group-id> --volume-mount-options <volume-mount-options> --run-as-user <user-id>

Change Summary

A more detailed description of the changes can be found in the Ketch Documentation Changelog

Ketch in the Wild

We are pleased to have been talking about Ketch at a pair of events recently. 

Contribute to Ketch

We always welcome contributions. We recently updated our contributor’s guide to making contributing even easier. Feel free to submit a PR, today!


-The Ketch Maintainers 

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