Ketch – 0.2.0 Release

Ketch for Kubernetes - Canary application deployment

We are excited to announce the release of Ketch 0.2.0 ( for deploying and managing applications on Kubernetes. This release includes new features, improvements and bug fixes. Here is summary of new features:

  • Support to deploy application source code
  • Canary application deployment
  • Support to access application logs
  • Application status

Full release notes:

Features in detail below:

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Release 0.2.0 Highlights:

Support to deploy application source code

With Ketch 0.1.0 application could be deployed using a docker image. Now you can deploy your source code to Kubernetes using supported platforms. 

See Ketch platform documentation for details and see the getting started documentation for deploying applications from source.

Canary application deployment

Using Ketch canary deployment you can roll out different versions of your application and assign different traffic weight using –steps and specify interval –step-interval to increment the delay length. During deployment if there is an error, your application will roll back to the previous version.

$ ketch app deploy bulletinboard -i  --steps 5 --step-interval 25s  

Support to access application logs

Accessing application logs is easy; simply run this command:

$ ketch app log APP_NAME

To follow application log:

$ ketch app log APP_NAME -f

Here are all application log options:

Show logs of an application

$ ketch app log -h    


  ketch app log APPNAME [flags]


  -f, --follow           Specify if the logs should be streamed

  -h, --help             help for log

      --ignore-errors    If watching / following pod logs, allow for any errors that occur to be non-fatal

      --prefix           Prefix each log line with the log source (pod name and container name)

  -p, --process string   Process name

      --timestamps       Include timestamps on each line in the log output

  -v, --version int      Deployment version

Application status

Application status is available with ketch app list and ketch app info commands.

Here is how to see application status using the app info command:

$ ketch app info bulletinboard

Application: bulletinboard

Pool: istio-pool


No environment variables.

DEPLOYMENT VERSION    IMAGE                                      PROCESS NAME    WEIGHT    STATE        CMD

1               web             100%      1 running npm start

Thank you!

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!


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