DevOps Challenge – Fastest Kubernetes Deployment: Ketch vs YAML

YAML vs Ketch for Kubernetes

DevOps Challenge – Kubernetes Deployment: Ketch vs YAML

Ketch ( is an open-source application delivery framework for Kubernetes.

YAML is a human-readable data-serialization language. It is commonly used for configuration files and in applications where data is being stored or transmitted. Customized YAML files are used by many for the complicated task of deploying to Kubernetes.

The Race for the fastest Kubernetes deployment

In this special event, we put Ketch head-to-head against the traditional/manual way of deploying to Kubernetes: creating and executing YAML files. Who will have the fastest Kubernetes Deployment?

Kubernetes Ketch vs YAML

The Competitors

Bruno Andrade, CEO and Founder of ( is deploying with Ketch.

Bruno is CEO and Founder of Shipa. He has led distributed systems design and implementation at enterprises across different industries, defining methodologies, concepts and architecture and has dedicated the last few years to working on the Cloud Native space helping companies through a successful journey.

Ed Keen, Director of Cloud and DevOps at Burwood Group ( is deploying with YAML.

Ed has broad experience across software development, operations, and cloud computing. He leads Burwood’s Google and Azure cloud practices, encompassing cloud enablement, application modernization, and migration. In complementary fashion, Ed leads Burwood’s DevOps tooling and practices to help Burwood customers evolve from traditional infrastructure to a software-defined approach to technology delivery. 

Jim Shilts, Founder and President at North American DevOps Group ( and Developer Advocate at is the event moderator and race official.

Jim is a seasoned community builder and DevOps advocate. Jim founded North American DevOps Group (NADOG) in Southern California currently with over 30,000 members strong. Jim continues to focus on the importance of sharing and collaboration at an individual and a global community level.

Watch the race for the fastest Kubernetes Deployment below:

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