A Developer Friendly Approach to Deploying Faster on Kubernetes

cdf ketch - Deploying Faster on Kubernetes

The Pipeline: All things CI/CD & DevOps Podcast by The CD Foundation‚Äč

On November 13th, 2020, Continuous Delivery Foundation (https://cd.foundation/) invited Shipa Founder, Bruno Andrade to join The Pipeline podcast to talk about the newly released open source project, Ketch (https://www.theketch.io/), for a developer-friendly approach to deploying faster on Kubernetes. Listen to the full conversation below.

What is Ketch?

Ketch is an application delivery framework that focuses on fixing the last mile deployment for applications on Kubernetes, helping to improve the developer experience. A lot of people talk about day-2 operations in regards to the delivery of apps, and how do you operate them later?

One challenge is that many developers get stuck on building Kubernetes objects, and simply trying to understand the platform. Shipa (https://www.shipa.io/) is abstracting the application delivery portion of its broader application management framework, and offering to the community as an open source project, Ketch.

Why Open Source?

The Shipa platform focuses on helping users build an enterprise framework for applications being delivered on Kubernetes across multiple clusters, multiple teams, etc.

Shipa saw an opportunity to abstract the application delivery component from Shipa, offer it as an open source project to the community, and help them to get further along in their journey and begin to mature to the point where they are ready for a broader application management framework for the enterprise.

Who Benefits?

Depending on the organization, many members of the team can benefit from using Ketch, developers and platform engineers. Developers can now focus on delivering quality applications and updates, and not on trying to understand how to build their applications, how to build the objects, what an ingress rule is, what a deployment set is, and so on.

As a platform engineer, Ketch can help you to implement boundaries and controls for your developers, create limits, manage ingress configurations, and so on. Take that load away from the developers and put the power into the hands of the platform engineers. Start deploying faster on Kubernetes!

Start Deploying Faster on Kubernetes Today!

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